Expectant Mothers and Digital Health Interventions: The Application of HRO Principles in Prenatal Care in COVID-19 Era and Beyond
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TimeTuesday, October 26th10:00am - 10:50am EDT
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DescriptionThe COVID-19 pandemic expedited the transition of healthcare operations to digital health. The health crisis and social-distancing guidelines shifted the in-person health delivery systems to virtual care. This sudden move to Digital Health exposed the importance of a reliable digital system in healthcare institutions to maintain the quality of care. According to recent studies, one of the most affected groups during previous global pandemics were expectant mothers. Reports show that previous epidemics were accountable for miscarriages, unfavorable fetal and neonatal results, and maternal deaths. Therefore, highlighting the importance of self-isolation for expectant mothers and the need for a digital platform to receive the care they need. In this study we first identify the key performance indicators for a successful virtual visit for expectant mothers, then discuss the application of High Reliability Organizations (HRO) principles as a mechanism to reinforce weak interconnections to achieve systems interoperability and integration.