Mind Games: A Web-Based Multiplayer Brain-Computer Interface Game
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TimeTuesday, October 26th10:00am - 10:50am EDT
LocationVirtual 1
DescriptionThe advancement of consumer-grade Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) devices has led to the use of brain wave data in disciplines beyond neuroscience. While BCI devices are studied holistically in some domains, the potential remains unexplored in other applicable domains, such as gaming. The majority of BCI games are single-player, only work on a single platform, or require expensive hardware that is difficult to use. To address these challenges, we propose Mind Games: a competitive multiplayer tug-of-war game played entirely with brain wave data in a web browser with a low-cost consumer-grade BCI device. Unlike other BCI games, Mind Games is platform-independent, has a quick setup time, and uses the latest web-based technologies: web-Bluetooth and JavaScript frameworks for networking and signal processing. This new cross-platform BCI pipeline enables physiological computing applications to be more accessible, leading the future of online multiplayer BCI games.