Developing a New Human-autonomy Team Cohesion Scale
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TimeTuesday, October 26th10:00am - 10:50am EDT
LocationVirtual 1
DescriptionCohesion is an important construct in understanding human-autonomy team dynamics and effectiveness; yet methods to adequately measure this construct are still being developed. Here we describe the initial steps of the development of a new Human-Autonomy Team Cohesion Scale: item development, content validation, and the plan for scale item evaluation. The initial item pool was developed resulting in 134 items and underwent content validation with subject matter experts to reduce the item pool to 82. Participants from the United States Military Academy will watch a set of video clips displaying low and high human-autonomy teams and will rate the video clips using the new human-autonomy team cohesion scale. Items that do not show a significant difference in scores across cohesion level, will be evaluated for possible removal. Once items have been removed, an initial factor analysis will be conducted to determine if the resulting items follow standard cohesion theory.