Financial Orientated Heuristic Evaluation for Hand Tools
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TimeWednesday, October 6th4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
LocationHarborside CDE
DescriptionThe goal of hand tool purchasing is to improve financial outcomes for buyers. These financial gains can come from multiple aspects of the hand tool, such as increased productivity, improved product quality, and decreased injury rate. Based on a literature review, the current hand tool purchasing decisions were made by professionals who have no specific scientific background; however, all the hand tool selection methods they receive are solely based on ergonomic evaluations. Heuristic evaluation, created by Nielsen & Molich (1990), has been proven effective in discovering usability issues in a short period of time. Combined with the knowledge from hand tool evaluation literature and Nielsen & Molich’s (1990) heuristic evaluation platform, two versions of financially orientated hand tool heuristic evaluations were created; the buyer version helps hand tool buyers make financially orientated purchasing decisions; the designer version helps quickly assess the financial viability of the hand tool design under review.