Neuromuscular Analysis Of Various Release Mechanisms In Archery: A Study Of The Preparatory Response Between Trigger And Back-Tension Releases
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TimeWednesday, October 6th4:00pm - 5:00pm EDT
LocationHarborside CDE
DescriptionArchery was originally a tool for hunting, but since has been transformed into a sport. Archery technology has evolved with little focus as to its effect on humans. Archery requires high levels of concentration and static muscle activity, which has not been analyzed to be successful. By observing the bow arm's muscle activity and measuring the vibration effects from the bow, it was determined a presence of an impact to the human arm, which the human then creates anticipation for and braces against. To mitigate this anticipation, another technology was introduced to create a surprise factor in the shooting. To reduce the frequency of archers bracing up for the shot, knowledge of when the shot is going off was taken away. It was observed that the new technology did introduce a surprise factor, but it did not reduce the occurrences of preparatory muscle activation in the human’s arm.