Adding Pre-Training and Feedback Enhances the Benefits of Adaptive Flashcard Training
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TimeTuesday, October 26th10:00am - 10:50am EDT
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DescriptionAdaptive training is tailored instruction designed to target an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, and it has been shown to improve learning outcomes and efficiency in a variety of domains, including flashcard training. The goal of this experiment was to determine whether the addition of other instructional strategies, such as enhanced feedback and pre-training, would further boost the learning benefits of an adaptive flashcard trainer. Thirty-nine college students learned to identify U.S. Navy ships using either a base version of the flashcard trainer, a version that included enhanced feedback, or a version that included pre-training and enhanced feedback. Results showed that the pre-training and enhanced feedback group significantly outperformed the other groups on delayed retention and transfer tests and showed higher learning efficiency. Implications for adaptive training and the Cognitive Theory of Multimedia Learning are discussed.