No Ticket to Ride: A Systematic Definition of Transit Insecurity
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TimeTuesday, October 26th10:00am - 10:50am EDT
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DescriptionWhile the concept of ‘transit insecurity’ may seem self-explanatory, the phrase is not widely used in the current lexicon of city planning, public discourse, or in policy research. The term also lacks a widely accepted definition, scale, or metric of assessment. This scoping review will provide a definition, and explore metrics that demonstrate the extent to which a person or community is transit insecure. To arrive at this definition and set of metrics, a systematic search was conducted in three electronic databases for studies pertaining to transit insecurity. Articles were screened and assessed based on inclusion/exclusion criteria. Over 200 articles were initially identified and after review, a total of 15 articles were included in the final analysis, ranging in publication from 2005 to 2020. There were four factors found to affect transit insecurities: income level; travel distance; duration; and accessibility. By examining the impact of transit insecurity we hope to shed light on these problems and assist in proposing and studying solutions to transit insecurity.