Developing an Integrated Virtual Assistant (IVA): Feasibility of a Behavior Tracking and Reminder Prototype Solution to Assist Persons with Dementia and Their Care Partners
SessionvA1: Aging
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Technical Groups
TimeThursday, October 28th10:16am - 10:33am EDT
LocationVirtual 4
DescriptionThe number of people living with Alzheimer’s and related dementias is increasing worldwide. Strain is exceptionally high among care partners to people with dementia; solutions that help support the dyad are needed. The purpose of this study was to design and test the feasibility of an application that can track behavior and provide reminders for persons with cognitive impairment or dementia and their care partners. Participants (N=20) included ten family care partners and ten persons with mild cognitive impairment. Participants engaged in a presentation of the application user interface (UI) and accompanying care reports that aggregate data collected by the software. Reactions to the UI and care reports were generally positive, with most participants expressing they would find the application useful. Qualitative themes were identified based on improving the application and care reports' usability. Overall, results support utilizing this technology to facilitate aging in place and reduce care partner strain.