Impact of Covid-19 on Student Use of Laptops and the Effects on Posture and Discomfort
Event Type
Technical Groups
Occupational Ergonomics
TimeWednesday, October 6th1:30pm - 1:48pm EDT
LocationHarborside Salon B
DescriptionOver the past year, the Covid-19 pandemic has led to a switch from a majority of classes being taught in-person to a majority being taught online. The switch has led to an increase in the amount of time students are utilizing technology for learning purposes. This study assessed how technology use has changed during the pandemic, particularly related to laptop use, and the postures students work in and the discomfort they’re experiencing while participating in online learning. The results of the survey (n=1,074) found that laptop use is up significantly (used the majority of the time by 70.2% of students), students are working in poor postures (up to 80% working with deviated neck postures), and are experiencing high levels of discomfort (up to ~60% reporting moderate/extreme discomfort in their upper extremities). The results bring to light the urgent need to provide ergonomics education and training for designing good work environments.