Somatosensory Impairments, Falls History and Fear of Falling in Glaucoma – A Survey Study Approach
SessionvA1: Aging
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Technical Groups
TimeThursday, October 28th10:00am - 10:16am EDT
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DescriptionThe primary aim was to determine if somatosensory impairments alter the association between falls history and glaucoma severity. A secondary aim was to identify the activities of daily living that cause increased concern related to falling in glaucoma and their association with glaucoma severity. Established questionnaires about falls and fear of falling (FoF) were mailed to participants diagnosed with glaucoma. Ninety-eight participants responded. Self-reported feet numbness and tingling symptoms were used to determine the presence of somatosensory impairments. Self-reported falls in glaucoma are associated with visual field deficits in both eyes, particularly in the presence of somatosensory impairments. In addition, increased FoF levels are linked with worse visual field deficits in both eyes, especially when performing challenging walking tasks. Somatosensory impairments alter the relationship between falls risk and visual field deficits in glaucoma. This information may be helpful in identifying older workers at an increased risk of falling.