Assessment of Driving Automation Interfaces via Visual Attention Measures: A Literature Review
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TimeTuesday, October 26th12:30pm - 12:42pm EDT
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DescriptionDifferent in-vehicle interface designs have been proposed to support drivers in operating vehicle automation. Measures of visual attention allocation are particularly useful in the evaluation of such interfaces, especially in conditions when driving performance measures cannot be used, i.e., when the driver is not physically controlling the vehicle. In this paper, we present the preliminary findings from a literature review on the use of visual attention measures in the assessment of in-vehicle interfaces to support the use of driving automation. This review, which was based on a systematic search of an engineering literature database, focused on driving automation that does not require the driver to physically control the vehicle but does require driver involvement in some capacity. The findings of this review can provide insights on research trends and help identify gaps in the literature.