Comparison of Portable 3D Face Scanning Technologies: A Pilot Study
Event Type
Technical Groups
Product Design
System Development
TimeWednesday, October 6th9:37am - 10:00am EDT
LocationGrand Salon VII
DescriptionPortable 3D scanners are emerging as options for capturing the face and head data. However, it remains essential that validation of new technology is continually assessed to ensure accuracy. The purpose of this pilot study was to explore an initial validation of three portable 3D face scanning technologies: Artec Leo, Structure Sensor, and Bellus3D FaceApp. It was revealed that the Artec Leo scanner provides the highest visual and anthropometric accuracy. The Bellus3D FaceApp could be used for aesthetic design, but it is not recommended for product development due to its low dimensional accuracy and distorted facial representation. The Structure Sensor had a relatively high shape similarity and acceptable dimensional accuracy in most areas, making it a good low-cost solution for face scanning for product development. These findings relay the importance of validating face scanning technology through the lens of reliability and accuracy when adapting for future face product design.