Exploratory Study of Pilot Perceptions of Submitting Weather Reports
Event Type
Technical Groups
Aerospace Systems
TimeTuesday, October 5th2:00pm - 2:15pm EDT
LocationHarborside Salon B
DescriptionPilot Reports (PIREPs) are reports made by pilots concerning the weather conditions they experience during flight. Research efforts are underway to automate PIREP submissions and reduce the need for hands-on communication. To achieve this goal, a large survey study was conducted to collect GA pilot demographics, spoken PIREPs, and perspectives on the PIREP submission process. In this paper, we present only a subset of findings from the trust section a larger survey. Overall, most pilot respondents reported being confident in knowing what to say over the radio when submitting a PIREP. More than half submit less than five PIREPs per year. Six themes emerged from pilots’ open-ended responses related to PIREPs, which helped provide insight into responses to other questions. Results from this study can inform training protocol and the development in next-generation technologies to support PIREP submission, and may contribute to improved safety for GA operations.