Tapering Chronic Opioid Medications: A Human Factors Approach to Building a Provider-Facing App
Event Type
Technical Groups
Health Care
TimeTuesday, October 5th2:42pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationGrand Salon VI
DescriptionApproximately 25.3 million adults in the U.S. take prescription opioid medication to provide relief from their daily pain. Over-prescription of these medications has contributed to the opioid epidemic in the U.S. Many patient desire tapering opioids; however, guidelines of opioid tapering are complex and difficult to translate into practice at the point of care. Our research used human factors methods, including participatory ergonomics, task analysis, interviews, and usability testing to design a provider app to aid safe opioid tapering. We present preliminary prototypes of our app that is currently being deployed across a large 10-hospital healthcare system in the mid-Atlantic region. Our app will be integrated into the electronic health record and comprises five screens: Patient Context, Taper Settings, Create Taper Plan, Withdrawal and Non-opioid Pain Plan, and Summary Dashboard.