Investigating the Learning gains associated with Virtual Reality (VR) Simulations in Photonics Manufacturing Education
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Technical Groups
TimeWednesday, October 27th10:12am - 10:25am EDT
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DescriptionTechnologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) have gained popularity as an educational and training tool and several studies provide evidence of the advantages of VR in training new skills and procedures. One such area that is gaining popularity in the industry is photonics and the manufacturing of fiber optic preform. This study measures the effectiveness and learning gains associated with VR-based instruction. This study proposes a between-subjects experimental design to compare the performance of students assigned to three learning conditions. Learning gains were measured using the pre and post-test surveys. Perceived ease of use, usefulness, intention to use, and learning outcomes were measured via surveys. The current study proposes to measure the learning gains associated with VR-based instruction in photonics manufacturing to promote the use of such VR simulations in training on procedural tasks in other domains and improve the quality of the learning experience by promoting student engagement.