Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Who’s Driving What and What’s Driving Use?
Event Type
Technical Groups
Usability and System Evaluation
TimeMonday, October 25th11:33am - 11:49am EDT
LocationVirtual 1
DescriptionThe emergence of vehicle technologies that promote driver safety and convenience calls for investigation of the prevalence of driver assistance systems as well as of their use rates. A consumer driven understanding as to why certain vehicle technology is used remains largely unexplored. We examined drivers’ experience using 13 different advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and several reasons that may explain rates of use through a nationally-distributed survey. Our analysis focused on drivers’ levels of understanding and trust with their vehicle’s ADAS as well as drivers’ perceived ease, or difficulty, in using the systems. Respondents’ age and experience with Level 0 or Level 1 technologies revealed additional group differences, suggesting older drivers (55+), and those with only Level 0 systems as using ADAS more often. These data are interpreted using the Driver Behavior Questionnaire framework and offer a snapshot of the pervasiveness of certain driver safety systems.