A Diary Study of The Teaching and Learning Experience in A High School Programming Course
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Technical Groups
Individual Differences in Performance
TimeTuesday, October 5th1:30pm - 2:00pm EDT
DescriptionPrior research into the accessibility of computing education focused primarily on the curricula and tools used in the classroom and the challenges students with disabilities faced in learning from them. We argue that there is insufficient research that explores these problems through observations in an actual programming course to learn about the learning and teaching processes used in conjunction with such curricula and tools. We address this gap through a four-week diary study involving a teacher and two visually impaired students throughout an ongoing distance learning programming course to examine teacher perceptions of their students’ performance in learning to code and students’ perceptions of the course material, tools, and instruction. Findings reveal that despite challenges encountered, students could achieve their learning outcomes from the teacher’s instructions. Additionally, we learn how online learning could be a viable platform for a more accessible learning experience for visually impaired learners.