Role of Peripheral Vision in Brake Reaction Time During Safety Critical Events
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Human Performance Modeling
TimeWednesday, October 6th2:37pm - 3:00pm EDT
DescriptionThe criticality of a rear end event depends on the brake reaction time (BRT) of the driver. Therefore, dis-tracted driving poses greater threat in such events. Evidence accumulation model (EAM) that uses looming of the lead vehicle as main stimuli has shown significant success in estimating drivers’ BRTs. It is often argued that drivers collect evidence for braking through peripheral vision, especially during off-road glanc-es, and transition to forward. In this work, we have modeled evidence accumulation as a function of gaze eccentricity for off-road glances while approaching safety critical events. The model is tested with real world crash and near crash event data from SHRP2 naturalistic study. Our model shows that linear relation between gaze eccentricity and evidence accumulation rate during off road glances helps to improve EAM estimation in predicting BRT. We have also shown that brake-light onset does not influence EAM in presence of active looming.