Identifying Tools and Technology Barriers to In-Home Care for Children with Medical Complexity
Event Type
Technical Groups
Health Care
TimeWednesday, October 6th11:37am - 12:00pm EDT
LocationGrand Salon VI
DescriptionFamily caregivers use tools and technology to provide care for children with medical complexity (CMC). It is unclear what barriers families experience when using the tools and technology integral to CMC care. Our objective was to identify the barriers family caregivers experience in using tools and technology to provide in-home care for CMC. We used contextual inquiry to interview 30 caregivers in their homes. We then analyzed our data using deductive content analysis informed by the patient work system model and inductive content analysis to identify emergent barriers. We identified four categories of tools and technology barriers families of CMC experienced: 1) Access and Cost; 2) Usability, which includes the subcategories Functionality, Tool design, Ease of use, and Reliability; 3) Short-term tool impact; 4) Long-term tool impact. Our results point to the need for further interventions to reduce or mitigate tool and technology barriers to in-home care for CMC.