Human Factors in Interactive Machine Learning: A Cybersecurity Case Study
Event Type
Technical Groups
TimeWednesday, October 27th11:33am - 11:49am EDT
LocationVirtual 1
DescriptionInteractive Machine learning (iML) combines human and algorithmic expertise in a variety of domains and we are currently applying it to cybersecurity. In this application of iML, implicit knowledge about human behaviour, and about the changing nature of threats, can supplement the explicit knowledge encoded in algorithms to create more effective defences against cyber-attacks. In this paper we present the example problem of data exfiltration where insiders, or outsiders masquerading as insiders, who copy and transfer data maliciously, against the interests of an organization. We will review human factors issues associated with the development of iML solutions for data exfiltration. We also present a case study involving development of an iML solution for a large financial services company. In this case study we review work carried out on developing visualization dashboards and discussing prospects for further iML integration.