Center of Pressure Trajectory and Spatiotemporal Gait Parameters When Walking with Limited Knee Flexion
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TimeWednesday, October 27th11:00am - 11:16am EDT
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DescriptionStiff-knee, which indicates reduced range of knee flexion, may decrease gait stability. Although it is closely related to an increase in fall risk, the effect of limited knee flexion on the balance capacity during walking has not been well studied. This study aimed at examining how walking with limited knee flexion would influence the center of pressure (COP) trajectory and spatiotemporal gait parameters. Sixteen healthy young participants conducted four different walking conditions: normal walking and walking with limited knee flexion of their left knee up to 40 and 20 degrees, respectively. Results show that the participants walked significantly (p<0.05) slower with shorter stride length, wider step width, less cadence, and decreased stance phase when walking with limited knee flexion, compared to normal walking. The increase in the asymmetry and variability of the COP was also observed. It indicates that limited knee flexion during walking might affect the dynamic balance.