Attitudes to Wearing Face Masks at US Collegiate Aviation Programs
Event Type
Technical Groups
Aerospace Systems
TimeTuesday, October 5th2:45pm - 3:00pm EDT
LocationHarborside Salon B
DescriptionA survey was completed by 598 respondents from 14 collegiate aviation programs. The survey queried attitudes of advantages and disadvantages of wearing face masks (FM). Over 75% of respondents were students (with the remainder about equally split between faculty and staff) and 67% who identified as pilots. Despite public guidelines supporting the advantages of FMs, there were polarized attitudes found with the employed methodology. Females were more likely to report greater values and fewer discomforts of wearing FMs. Pilots were more likely to report fewer advantages and more difficulties wearing FMs than non-pilots. Due to public health guidelines concerning FMs, negative attitudes pilots professed are concerning given the many hours they spend in a cramped cockpit.