Investigating the role of Non-Technical Skills in Railway Traffic Operations through Expert Knowledge Elicitation
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Technical Groups
TimeTuesday, October 5th1:30pm - 1:52pm EDT
DescriptionMany high-risk industries identify non-technical skills as safety-critical abilities of the operational staff that have a protective function against human fallibility. Based on an established non-technical skills classification system, methods for expert knowledge elicitation were used to describe non-technical skills in the specific context of train traffic control in the Netherlands. The findings offer insights regarding the skill importance for good operational outcomes, skill difficulty, categorization, and attitudes based on subject matter experts’ opinions. Substantial overlap between the employed non-technical skills framework and the observed expert classification was found, which might indicate that the experts utilize a mental model of non-technical skills similar to the one used. Furthermore, considerations concerning the organizational culture and the attitudes towards change provide a promising outlook when introducing novel solutions to non-technical skill training and assessment.