A Framework for Virtual Reality-Based Motor Skills Training for the Use of Exoskeletons
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Technical Groups
TimeTuesday, October 5th2:15pm - 2:37pm EDT
DescriptionAssistive devices, such as exoskeletons, have shown great potential to augment human physical capabilities and reduce injury risk in users. With an increase in the development and adoption of exoskeletons, the need for training platforms that can quickly adapt to varying device designs is vitally important. Since motor skills training plays an important role across a wide range of occupational and rehabilitation fields, we propose a virtual reality (VR)-based training framework. The proposed framework incorporates biomechanical modeling, multimodal feedback, and online task evaluation, while aiming to train users on the use, benefits, and limitations of exoskeletons. To assess the effectiveness of training and provide feedback to trainees while completing tasks, trainee motion will be measured in VR and assessed via musculoskeletal modeling methods which incorporate various exoskeleton parameters. Successful integration of the proposed VR-based training for exoskeleton technology will advance the implementation and effective use of exoskeletons in various domains.