Look Up! An Eye-tracking Study on Situation Awareness during Automated Vehicle Takeover
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Technical Groups
Surface Transportation
TimeThursday, October 7th9:24am - 9:42am EDT
LocationGrand Salon I
DescriptionDrivers may engage in non-driving-related tasks (NDRTs) during automated driving, which may affect their situation awareness (SA). The objective of this study is to use eye-tracking to aid in understanding how visual engagement in NDRTs affects changes in SA of the driving environment after a takeover request (TOR) has been issued. Thirty participants rode in a simulated SAE Level 3 automated driving environment and engaged in two separate pre-TOR tasks (Surrogate Reference Task, Monitoring Task, and Peripheral Detection Task) until presented with a TOR. SAGAT scores and gaze behavior were recorded during the post-TOR segment. Overall, longer times spent viewing the driving scene, were observed to be associated with better overall SA. Findings from this work can inform the development of real-time SA assessment techniques using eye movements.