Effects of Time Pressure and User Ratings for Online Shopping
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Technical Groups
Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
TimeThursday, October 7th9:24am - 9:42am EDT
LocationGrand Salon V
DescriptionThis study investigated how time pressure and user ratings impacted consumer’s choice behavior and their eye fixation when shopping for online products. We found that choices of a product and its associated eye fixations increased with user ratings. Compared to the time-pressure absence condition, the time-pressure presence condition had faster choice decisions and fewer eye fixations. There was a significant interaction between user ratings and time pressure, with 5-star rated products being chosen most often when time pressure was present. Lastly, subjective reports showed that individuals had plenty of time to make their decisions in the time-pressure absence condition than in the time-pressure presence condition. Our results can inform retailers and webpage designers of potential design strategies regarding consumers’ shopping behavior with and without time pressure.