A Kinematic Evaluation of Linear and Parabolic Pointing in Virtual Reality
Event Type
Technical Groups
Perception and Performance
TimeTuesday, October 5th10:30am - 10:48am EDT
LocationGrand Salon VI
DescriptionWe present the results of a study investigating the influence of task and effector constraints on the kinematics of pointing movements performed in immersive virtual environments. We compared the effect of target width, as a task constraint, to the effect of move-ment distance, as an effector constraint, in terms of overall effect on movement time in a pointing task. We also compared a linear ray-cast pointing technique to a parabolic pointing technique to understand how interaction style may be understood in the context of task and effector constraints. The effect of target width as an information constraint on pointing performance was amplified in VR. Pointing technique acted as an effector constraint, with linear ray-cast pointing resulting in faster performance than parabolic pointers