Effect of Illumination on Human Drone Interaction Tasks: An Exploratory Study
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Technical Groups
TimeWednesday, October 27th11:33am - 11:49am EDT
LocationVirtual 3
DescriptionWith recent changes by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) opening the possibility of more areas for drones to be used, such as delivery, there will be increasingly more interactions between humans and drones soon. Although current human drone interaction (HDI) investigate what factors are necessary for safe interactions, very few has focused on drone illumination. Therefore, in this study, we explored how illumination affects users’ perception of the drone through a distance perception task. Data analysis did not indicate any significant effects in the normal distance estimation task for illumination or distance conditions. However, most participants underestimated the distance in the normal distance estimation task and indicated that the LED drone was closer when it was illuminated during the relative distance estimation task, even though the drones were equidistant. In future studies, factors such as the weather conditions, lighting patterns, and height of the drone will be explored.