Do Users Know When to Buy Decision Support and How to Use it?
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Technical Groups
Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
TimeThursday, October 7th9:06am - 9:24am EDT
LocationGrand Salon V
DescriptionDecisions to use Decision Support Systems (DSS) are complex and depend on the systems’ performance, their cost and how they interact with the human operator. This study aims to understand if people can identify situations in which the possible benefits from a DSS exceed its price and whether they can obtain the possible benefits from the system. We developed a normative model of an optimal decision whether to purchase a DSS which helps to monitor and classify binary events. In an online experiment with 140 participants, we examined human choices in three conditions. We found a discrepancy between individu-als' ability to differentiate between situations in which the use of the DSS could improve their overall performance and the actual use of the systems. While the decision whether to purchase an aid was correct (although not optimal), the aid was insufficiently used and did not provide the possible performance bene-fits.