An Investigation Of Team Inputs, Processes, And Emergent States On Performance In A Spaceship Bridge Simulation
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Technical Groups
TimeWednesday, October 27th10:00am - 10:12am EDT
LocationVirtual 3
DescriptionThis investigation serves to provide evidence on the effects of various input variables on intact teams through repeated team performance sessions in a team spaceship bridge simulation (i.e. Artemis). The Input Mediator/Moderator Output Input (IMOI) model provides a systems engineering an approach to understand various team and individual input variables contribution to the development of team processes and emergent states, ultimately leading to a team’s ability to perform together. While various prior research initiatives have served to contribute to the pool of evidence of which input variables are most highly predictive of a team's overall performance, the need for further and recursive input to out-put investigations is needed. Our results indicate perceived team effectiveness and cohesion are significant predictors in team performance and that skill and knowledge of a simulated environment may overshadow team-specific effectiveness indicators as the team gains experience.