Effect of Computer Keyboard Slope on Upper Limb Postures at Sitting and Standing Computer Workstations : A Pilot Study
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Technical Groups
Occupational Ergonomics
TimeMonday, October 25th1:06pm - 1:24pm EDT
LocationVirtual 2
DescriptionA user’s posture at a computer workstation, especially wrist posture, is determined by the keyboard angle. Most commercially available computer keyboards have a built-in positive slope that requires the user to extend their wrist approximately 20° when typing. The purpose of this study is to find the negative keyboard angles that minimize wrist extension for both sitting and standing workstations. In this study, we compared upper limb working postures, including those of the wrist, elbow and shoulder, at 5 different keyboard angles between -16° and +6° in sitting and standing postures. Based on our results, we can conclude that the optimal range of keyboard slope is from -4° to -12° in sitting posture and -8° to -12° in the standing posture in terms of minimum wrist extension, typing performance, and user preference. We also propose a universal keyboard support design as an attachment to currently available keyboards.