Fun and Games: Designing a Gamified Central Venous Catheterization Training Simulator
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Technical Groups
TimeTuesday, October 5th1:52pm - 2:15pm EDT
DescriptionGamification, or adding elements of games to training systems, has the potential to increase learner engagement and information retention. However, the use of gamification has yet to be explored in Central Venous Catheterization (CVC) trainers which teach a commonly performed medical procedure with high incidence rates. In order to combat these errors, a Dynamic Haptic Robotic Trainer (DHRT) was developed, which focuses on vessel identification and access. A DHRT+ system is currently under development that focuses on whole procedure training (e.g. sterilization and catheter insertion), including a gamified Graphical User Interface. The goal of this paper was to (1) develop a game-like, patient-centered interface to foster personalized learning and (2) understand the perceived utility of gamification for CVC skill development with expert doctors. This paper outlines some of the potential benefits and deficits of the use of gamification in medical trainers that can be used to drive simulation design.