The Effect of Augmented Reality Cues on Glance Behavior and Driver-Initiated Takeover on SAE Level 2 Automated-Driving
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Augmented Cognition
TimeTuesday, October 26th11:00am - 11:16am EDT
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DescriptionIn the present paper, we present a user study with an advanced-driver assistance system (ADAS) using augmented reality (AR) cues to highlight pedestrians and vehicles when approaching intersections of varying complexity. Our major goal is to understand the relationship between the presence and absence of AR, driver-initiated takeover rates, and glance behavior when using a SAE Level 2 autonomous vehicle. Therefore, a user-study with eight participants on a medium-fidelity driving simulator was carried out. Overall, we found that AR cues can provide promising means to increase the system's transparency, drivers’ situation awareness, and trust in the system. Yet, we suggest that the dynamic glance allocation of attention during partially automated vehicles is still challenging for researchers as we still have much to understand and explore when AR cues become a distractor instead of an attention guider.