Advanced vehicle technology: Mapping mental model accuracy and system exposure to driver behavior
Event Type
Technical Groups
Surface Transportation
TimeThursday, October 7th9:42am - 10:00am EDT
LocationGrand Salon I
DescriptionAdvanced driver assistance systems have potential to increase safety and comfort for drivers; however, drivers need to understand the capabilities and limitations of these systems to use them appropriately. This study sought to explore how the quality (accuracy) of drivers’ mental models of adaptive cruise control (ACC) impacted their behavior and interactions while using the system. Seventy-eight participants drove in a high-fidelity driving simulator while operating an ACC system, in normal conditions and while interacting with the system interface. Participants with stronger (more accurate) mental models glanced to the road ahead more often during normal conditions early on compared to drivers were less accurate mental models; however, these differences diminished with increased system exposure. Glance behavior while interacting with the system and time to complete the interactions were less effected by the strength of the participant’s mental model. Results are discussed in the context of driver education and training.