Novel Auditory Displays in Highly Automated Vehicles: Sonification Improves Situation Awareness, User Workload, and Overall Experience
Event Type
Technical Groups
Perception and Performance
Surface Transportation
TimeWednesday, October 6th10:48am - 11:06am EDT
LocationGrand Salon VII
DescriptionHighly automated driving systems are expected to require the design of new user-vehicle interactions. Sonification can be used to provide contextualized alarms and cues that can increase situation awareness and user experience. In this study, we examined user perceptions of potential use cases for level 4 automated vehicles in online focus group interviews (N=12). Also, in a driving simulator study, we evaluated (1) visual-only display; (2) non-speech with visual display; and (3) speech with visual display with 20 young drivers. Results indicated participants’ interest in the use cases and insight on desired functions in highly automated vehicles. Both audiovisual display conditions resulted in higher situation awareness for drivers than the visual-only condition. Some differences were found between the non-speech and speech conditions suggesting benefits of sonification for both driving and non-driving related auditory use cases. This study will provide guidance on sonification design for highly automated vehicles.