Individual Differences in Frustration and Performance with Online Shopping Activities
Event Type
Technical Groups
Student Forum
TimeTuesday, October 5th2:15pm - 2:30pm EDT
LocationGrand Salon I
DescriptionIndividual differences in user responses and interactions with technology are important to consider when examining frustration and expectations for technology performance. This research expanded on Ferreri and Mayhorn (2021) and Hadlington and Scase (2018) by examining individual differences in responses to failures in digital technology (RFDT) when exposed to a malfunction (present vs. absent) and given an expectation (no vs. low vs. high) about the technology capabilities. A preliminary sample of 30 undergraduate students was obtained to complete an online shopping task. Following the task, participants reported the items they were asked to purchase, as well as their responses to failures in digital technology, technology acceptance attitudes, personality dimensions, and current mood (pre vs. post). Several correlations revealed consistent findings with previous research and indicate potentially significant findings with the full dataset. It is anticipated that those with low expectation and scoring high in neuroticism will report the most frustration.