Formation of Data Science Teams based on Scenario Characteristics
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Human Performance Modeling
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TimeThursday, October 28th1:15pm - 1:30pm EDT
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DescriptionThe objective of this research was to identify a set of attributes to characterize data science scenarios to assists in the formation of an accompanying data science team. The six scenario characteristics were developed in consultation with a Subject Matter Expert (SME) to identify the important aspects of a data science endeavor. Concurrently, a generalizable role by task matrix was developed that captures the high-level data science functions and potential team member roles. This matrix was based on the NATO data science process function definitions, linked to the U.S. Department of Labor social science work activities, and data science role definitions. The mapping of the characteristics to the role by task matrix results in guidelines for forming a data science team; an example scenario with its characteristics and proposed team design is described. This work suggests methods to customize team information for specific data science needs based on scenario attributes.