Navy Command Decision Making: Basic Research, Applied Research, and Transition to Enhance Current and Future Capabilities
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Technical Groups
Cognitive Engineering & Decision Making
TimeWednesday, October 6th8:30am - 10:00am EDT
LocationGrand Salon V
DescriptionThe emergence of Human Factors as a discipline is often traced to pioneering efforts tackling military issues in World War II. Rapid technological advances raised fundamental questions around human performance. Approaches, solutions, and advances in the science soon spread outside of their original military contexts. Current and emerging technologies, and also new challenges for human-machine systems, means Human Factors remains central to military effectiveness, while producing outcomes with broader potential impact. This panel discussion will examine an array of contributions to the Office of Naval Research program on Command Decision Making. The session will explore methods to understand and enhance decision making through: (1) Addressing gaps that demand further foundational knowledge to produce empirical generalizations, models, and theories as basis for future guidelines, principles, specifications, and doctrine for Navy Command Decision Making; (2) Applications of existing knowledge within specific contexts to address current /future real world Navy decision making challenges.