Transcending Distance in Long-Term Care: Can Serious Games Increase Resident Resilience?
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Technical Groups
Health Care
TimeTuesday, October 26th12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT
LocationVirtual 4
DescriptionIn Canada, over 15,000 residents of long-term care have died from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic representing 59 percent of all COVID-19 deaths (National Institute of Ageing, 2021). Urgent research and subsequent applied action are needed to save life and quality of life including the presence of family (CFHI, 2020). Social and physical frailty are major systemic patient safety gaps and are challenges for most healthcare organizations. This practitioner-led panel of experienced human factors, implementation science and healthcare experts used a case study of a project at North York General Hospital’s Seniors’ Health Centre in Toronto to discuss how these challenges can be addressed with serious games. The project discussed used games that aim to reduce social and physical frailty through exercise while interacting with remote families. Lessons learned to-date and challenges observed, in rapidly implementing safety and human factors programs intended to create resilient residents in a real healthcare context were discussed.