Human Factors Research within Cancer Care: A Discussion of the Challenges
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Technical Groups
Health Care
TimeMonday, October 25th12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT
LocationVirtual 4
DescriptionCancer care entails complexity, dynamism, and quality, evidence-based care that is reliant on the intersection of a multitude of factors. Such quality care demands an integrated approach across the cancer care continuum. Individuals, teams, and even multiteam systems must work seamlessly with novel technologies and approaches to deliver innovative, tailored interventions while often operating within multiple environments (including within and beyond clinical) each with their own organizational bounds. Recognizing this multi-faceted complexity, Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology research can offer methods and evidence to facilitate cancer care. However, such research comes with a variety of challenges. Consequently, the purpose of this panel is to discuss the challenges associated with conducting Human Factors and Industrial/Organizational Psychology research. This interdisciplinary panel represents a multitude of institutions brings varied backgrounds and perspectives necessary to expound upon the challenges. Panel members will discuss their personal experiences as well as applied projects and efforts.