Human Factors Advances in Naval Aviation Survival Training
Event Type
Discussion Panel
Technical Groups
TimeThursday, October 28th12:30pm - 2:00pm EDT
LocationVirtual 2
DescriptionThis panel provides an overview of challenges and advances underway for aviation survival training. Navy instruction outlines a variety of training requirements that are addressed during aviation survival training. Two presentations will provide an overview of enhancements related to Dynamic Altitude Breathing Threats Training. For normobaric hypoxia training, presenters will provide an overview of a preliminary analysis of a software product designed to give students relevant tasking to complete while experiencing the effects of hypoxia. The next presentation, focused on dynamic altitude breathing threats training will provide an overview of differences identified between available training solutions. The third presentation will provide the preliminary results of a spatial disorientation curriculum analysis focused on identifying available technologies. The final presentation will provide an overview of parachute training, including a review of training objectives and results of a market research analysis, as well as planned training effectiveness evaluation of existing training solutions.